Heart and circulation over view anatomy and physiology for common person

Heart is like pump, made up muscle, receives blood and pumps into circulation, so blood is always in flow. By creating continuous moving column of blood, transportation of oxygen and nutrients is made possible for body tissues. Blood gets
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What are palpitations: how are they produced and what I should do for them? For common man

Palpitations are sensing or painful sensing of owns heart beat.
Normal heartbeats are reraly sensed in normal life, but  after running or after strenuous activity most of us feel palpitations, this is normal.
Palpitations are produced by two different mechanisms
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What is stress testing and how it is useful for diagnosing Heart Attack?

Our heart beats continuously through out life. It modifies it rate and force of contraction according to needs. At rest heart beats slowly, but during exercise it beets faster to meet the increasing demand from contracting muscles for supplying more Read the rest