Consequnces Of Blind Faith In Medical Practice

Sir,  we have a patient he has come with severe breathlessness and very critical, his Blood pressure is 50 systolic  heart rate is 120/min, I heard this on receiving a phone call from our intensivist at midnight 2.00AM.   That is … Read the rest

Important Things To Observe In Mahatma Gandhi’s Vision On Health.

In this modern day on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi  birthday i.e October 2nd, we will have a relook at Mahatma’s thoughts about health. They do differ from modern day medicine but still then there are some messages hidden in
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Generic versus branded medicine in India and Aamir khan

Meaning of generic drugs in India is lot different from what it is in USA and developed world In developed world the company which investigates and invent the molecule posses patent for few years till then no other company has

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Atrial fibrillation treatment made easy by neurologists

Recent guidelines by American Association of Nuerology  published in their official journal  Neurology  have made treatment of atrial fibrillation to prevent stroke easy, they have made guideline for developing countries too, and these guideline do take account bleeding … Read the rest