Choosing Your Profession, Passion Or Pragmatism

We humans have emotions, expectation and passion. but ultimately what everybody needs is security by the chosen profession. Security of profession is reflection market trend, this trend may change in coming future.
In everybody’s life, there may come be a day, when they have to make choice. This may be a call for comprising over passion and using common sense and grab the opportunity of the equal lucrative profession.
This article deals with complex feeling one may encounter during such circumstances.

It is not all who dream of the profession but end up getting it. Many have chosen a different course and ended up in a happy life, but we will never know, what would be their future and may be … Read the rest

Is Change Really Law of Nature

This article is offbeat for my medical related blog, however, these thoughts were triggered after reading an article related medical field. I was reading how artificial intelligence (AI) can change our medical field.  This article does not deal with AI either.  Thoughts triggered were why we see change, why nothing seems to fix or permanent.

In Kannada, there is a proverb “Parivarthane Jagada Niyam ” meaning change is the law of nature.  This seems like a metaphysical quantity. To accept it as a physical quantity it needs evaluation. In this article, I will make an … Read the rest