Perioperative beta blockers to give or not give.

Recent European in 2009 and American guidelines advise to use  beta blockers in patients undergoing non cardiac surgery for preventing vascular events.  These guidelines were predominantly based on DECREASE trials. 2 years back fabrication of DECREASE trials data was detected

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Mediterranean diet and olive oil in Indian context

Recently PREDIMED trial  has shown advantages of Mediterranean diet (MD) in Spanish population. Traditional MD is rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes.  It has moderate intake of fish, dairy products, and wine and small amount of meat, poultry and sweets.

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Game behind, premature termination of Random Control trials for extraordinary benefits.

These days increasing number of clinical trials (RCT) are terminated prematurely for claim of extraordinary benefit of experimental drug, procedure or investigation. Such prematurely terminated trials usually are published in high impact journal and get immediate recognation and acceptance of
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Should cardiologist stay away from DPP-4 inhibitors in patients with heart failure?

Few days’ back I read article about cardiac benefits of incretin based therapy. How these new classes of drugs reduce the infarct size following MI , PCI and etc. however in that article too GLP 1 agonist did better job … Read the rest

Do all older people need statin as per new Atherosclerotic risk calculator?

All ready there is lot of critics around new atherosclerotic risk calculator launched by ACC/AHA in Nov 2013 along with ATP 4 cholesterol guide lines.  It is said to overestimate the 10 year risk of Atherosclerotic cardiac and stroke risk. … Read the rest

Drug price control of statin may not useful as per new guidelines

There is a paradigm shift in treatment of patient for prevention of atherosclerotic disease and management of cholesterol as per new guide lines i.e. ATP 4 2013. In these new guidelines there are no targets to which cholesterol need to
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Non-cardiac surgery following stenting and perioperative discontinuation of antiplatelet drugs

During perioperative phase surgeons are afraid of bleeding risk due antiplatelet drugs on the other hand temporary cessation of antiplatelet drugs during this phase my increase the chance of stent thrombosis is concern of cardiologist. This lead to consensus with … Read the rest