Non-cardiac surgery following stenting and perioperative discontinuation of antiplatelet drugs

During perioperative phase surgeons are afraid of bleeding risk due antiplatelet drugs on the other hand temporary cessation of antiplatelet drugs during this phase my increase the chance of stent thrombosis is concern of cardiologist. This lead to consensus with … Read the rest

SCAI proposes new criteria for diagnosing MI following PCI and CABG

The diagnosis of MI following intervention was previously based on troponin estimation however this was arbitrarily chosen i.e. without much clinical data. In this older criteria proposed in 2012, raise of troponin more than 10 times without ECG changes and

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Pseudoaneurysm of femoral artery following percutenous procedure

Pseudoaneurysm (PSA) is contained rupture of all three layers of artery. There is persistent communication with cavity which most often layered by thrombus and soft tissue surrounding the hematoma
The incidence of PSA after diagnostic catheterzation (CAG or peripheral Read the rest

Impact of bifurcation angle on stenting outcome.

Bifurcation angle in bifurcation stenting is widely debated subject there seems wide disparity among different trials some saying there is no impact of by bifurcation angle while some say distal bifurcation angle wider is bad while others say narrow is

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High intestinal absorption of cholesterol versus synthesis of cholesterol in CAD risk.

Statins reduces the cholesterol effectively in patients with increased synthesis of cholesterol; they cannot reduce level of cholesterol in patients with increased intestinal absorption of cholesterol. Many studies have shown that ,increase ratio of absorption of cholesterol to serum level

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Is Ventricular reshaping surgery back: CONFIGURE-HF stitched ventricle better than STICHED trial.

In STICHED trial benefit of ventricular reshaping surgery in heart failure along with CABG did not show benefit than just CABG. But CONFIGURE –HF Phase -1 trial presented recently in Heart Failure Congress 2013 showed benefit of ventricular reshaping surgery.

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PCI in a setting of STEMI in developing countries

In country like INDIA where most patients are not covered by health insurance, even they are covered sometimes hospitals find it difficult to get bill settled by insurance company without hassle. Sometimes response time from insurance company may be delayed.

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