5 Points Against SPRINT Trail Do Not Reduce BP aggressively

Results of SPRINT suggest increased cardiovascular benefit by reducing Systolic BP in elderly to less than 120 mm Hg. but, these are against current hypertension guidelines. In this article we will learn why we should not reduce systolic BP to less 120 mmHg and stick to less than 150 mmHg in elderly.

Recent guidelines  on hypertension have relaxed blood pressure targets in elderly subjects i.e. 150mmhg systolic, but the SPRINT trial (published in NEJM Nov 2015) on contrary has come up  with results showing, a reduction in cardiovascular events with … Read the rest

Azilsartan newer ARB, is it pleiotropic?

 Nowadays in pharma industry pleiotropic effect has become a trend. New molecules come with feather stating they have special extra advantage over previous class counterparts. Newer Angiotensin receptor blockers are being added to their group day by day. In
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Mediterranean diet and olive oil in Indian context

Recently PREDIMED trial  has shown advantages of Mediterranean diet (MD) in Spanish population. Traditional MD is rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes.  It has moderate intake of fish, dairy products, and wine and small amount of meat, poultry and sweets.

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Why treating stage 1 hypertension has no benefit?

It is very puzzling for most of us why stage1 hypertension has not shown reduction of CV events.  Stage 1 hypertension is 140-159/ 90-99 mmHg.
The results from Lewington et al meta-analysis, have shown that the cardiovascular mortality doubles from
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Spironolactone in resistant hypertension, after simplicity HTN three

Resistant hypertension is defined as persistent increased blood pressure above the level of set targets for example 140/90 even with three drugs in optimum doses, of them one has to diuretic. Even if four drugs are used and BP is

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Physical activity improves heart health in uncontrolled hypertension too.

Around 50% patients treated for hypertension does not have controlled blood pressure in spite taking of 3 to 4 drugs. This uncontrolled blood pressure adds to risk of heart disease. 
A study was conducted in hypertensive patients and physical activity. Read the rest