Hello parent! Do not blame your doctor or pediatrician for missing your baby’s cardiac lesion.

Three days back.  5 months old baby was referred to me for echocardiography because; the referring doctor detected a murmur now. Father of baby was angry   because he was not aware of such murmur before i.e. soon after birth … Read the rest

Low gradient preserved ejection fraction severe aortic stenosis (Paradoxic aortic stenosis)

We all know low gradient reduced ejection fraction severe aortic stenosis, it evaluation and management. But occurrence of low gradient severe aortic stenosis with preserved ejection fraction is controversial and most of often it is concluded as echo error.Classically Severe

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Echo assessment of Diastolic heart dysfunction simplified approach

Diastolic heart failure which forms 50% of heart failure patients, its evaluation by echo is unpopular, this article is for induction of  its evaluation during routine echocardiographic examination. Unlike systolic evaluation where eyeballing would give a fair estimation of cardiac … Read the rest

Assessing severity of Aortic stenosis in presence of Left Ventricular dysfunction by echocardiography

Severe Aortic stenosis with Left ventricle dysfunction pressure gradient across Aortic valve does not increase so diagnosis of severity of Aortic stenosis on pressure gradient may not be correct even measurement of aortic valve area is also incorrect, because

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