Hello parent! Do not blame your doctor or pediatrician for missing your baby’s cardiac lesion.

Three days back.  5 months old baby was referred to me for echocardiography because; the referring doctor detected a murmur now. Father of baby was angry   because he was not aware of such murmur before i.e. soon after birth … Read the rest

Congenital heart disease, Squatting and Recurrent respiratory tract infection.

In patients of congenital heart disease (CHD) symptoms of squatting or repeated respiratory tract infection is usually enquired while taking history. Repeated respiratory tract in infants of CHD usually suggest increased pulmonary blood flow, on contrary squatting or cyanotic spell
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Congenital corrected transposition of great vessels (CCTGA) clinical diagnosis

CCTGA is a rare disease. Clinical diagnosis of this CHD by postgraduate is always doubted by examiners.
In this CHD, aorta is connected to morphological right ventricle and pulmonary artery is connected to morphological left ventricle.  Right atrium drains into
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