Metoprolol succinate for ischemic Heart failure and Carvedilol for non ischemic heart failure

The COMET (Carvedilol or Metoprolol European Trial) showed better outcomes with Carvedilol compared with Metoprolol tarterate in patients with ischemic as well as non-ischemic HF, but from study published in Journal of Cardiac Failure Vol. 18 No. 12 2012,

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Story of Eisenmenger syndrome as told by Pual Wood in 1958 Part 1

This article is based on Pual Wood’s most articulated article in British medical Journal  September 20 1958
Dr. Victor Eisenmenger published his paper on “congenital defects of the ventricular septum ” in 1897. where he describes a patient 32 year

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Initial Management of patients with symptoms suggestive of ACS (Acute coronary syndrome)

ACC AHA classify patients with symptoms suggestive of ACS on  arrival to emergency department, by initial evaluation  of history, ECG ,and serum cardiac marker into noncardiac diagnosis, chronic stable angina, Possible ACS and definite ACS.

Patient with ST elevation and
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