Selenium and Dental Health

Selenium is a trace element, It has variable effects on human body and also oral health. Both increase and decrease in selenium lead oral disease. In this article, you will learn about selenium containing foods and its effects on oral health.

Selenium, a necessary trace element generally obtained from red meat, liver, seafood and nuts. This element is regarded as a micronutrient as it is required in very less amount for the proper functioning of the human body. Normal daily recommended … Read the rest

5 Points Against SPRINT Trail Do Not Reduce BP aggressively

Results of SPRINT suggest increased cardiovascular benefit by reducing Systolic BP in elderly to less than 120 mm Hg. but, these are against current hypertension guidelines. In this article we will learn why we should not reduce systolic BP to less 120 mmHg and stick to less than 150 mmHg in elderly.

Recent guidelines  on hypertension have relaxed blood pressure targets in elderly subjects i.e. 150mmhg systolic, but the SPRINT trial (published in NEJM Nov 2015) on contrary has come up  with results showing, a reduction in cardiovascular events with … Read the rest

Neprilysin Inhibitors, HFrEF and 2016 heart failure. Guidelines

Recently i.e. year 2016 both American and European guidelines have recommended combination of Neprilysin inhibitor with ARB i.e. LCZ696 (Sacubitril/valsartan) for treatment of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction(HFrEF)1,2. Landmark trial PARADIGM-HF was prematurely terminated due to significant
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Azilsartan newer ARB, is it pleiotropic?

 Nowadays in pharma industry pleiotropic effect has become a trend. New molecules come with feather stating they have special extra advantage over previous class counterparts. Newer Angiotensin receptor blockers are being added to their group day by day. In
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Impact of ATP4 guidelines on non statin drugs in lipid management

ATP4 which is published in Nov 2013 came up with huge change in lipid guidelines. ATP 4 has focused on atherosclerotic events i.e. MI and stroke rather than surrogates like LDL HDL Triglycerides values. 
Lipid level treatment and atherosclerosis events
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Perioperative beta blockers to give or not give.

Recent European in 2009 and American guidelines advise to use  beta blockers in patients undergoing non cardiac surgery for preventing vascular events.  These guidelines were predominantly based on DECREASE trials. 2 years back fabrication of DECREASE trials data was detected

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