Consequnces Of Blind Faith In Medical Practice

Sir,  we have a patient he has come with severe breathlessness and very critical, his Blood pressure is 50 systolic  heart rate is 120/min, I heard this on receiving a phone call from our intensivist at midnight 2.00AM.   That is … Read the rest

Important Things To Observe In Mahatma Gandhi’s Vision On Health.

In this modern day on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi  birthday i.e October 2nd, we will have a relook at Mahatma’s thoughts about health. They do differ from modern day medicine but still then there are some messages hidden in
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The Modern Rules Of How To Design And Promote Website In Medical Practice.

After writing in this blog for nearly more than 8 years, I have gathered some knowledge in connection with website design and online promotion. This topic is more suitable for clinics small and medium to large-scale hospitals. Maybe to a
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Insight into hospital violence of medical collages.

Junior doctors i.e. post graduate students, residents, and interne are getting beaten up by the mob in hospital causality of medical colleges. Such incidents are not very uncommon. These kinds of incidences are more frequent in government medical college as
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Should we start measuring lipids from now, year 2016?

Ever since in the year 2013, American guidelines focused on atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease as a prime focus for treating lipids. Measuring lipids in patients became a less important. More than that clinicians had only statins at their disposal for treating
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