Enigma Behind MBBS and BDS Hefty Fees in Private Colleges

In India education has become commercialised. There are good students who take seats in medical college only on merit. This article is not meant for them. This article speaks about very high fees structure in private colleges. There appears to be lot confusion about this high fees. although these colleges quote very high fees, in reality, it appears different.

After great fight from multiple court cases at last national level pre medical NEET exam is made compulsory for gaining admission into medical and dental colleges. Post NEET the fee structure of all private and medical colleges apparently appears transparent. … Read the rest

Fools are Religiously Fanatic, Intelligent are Atheist but Wise Men are Spiritual

This article is not a expression of my personal belief. My personal expression of belief is actually result of culture and social up bringing.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine sent a Whats app message (the title of this article) which is really a thought provoking. So, in this article, I am making an effort to discuss same.


Most confusing … Read the rest

Choosing Your Profession, Passion Or Pragmatism

We humans have emotions, expectation and passion. but ultimately what everybody needs is security by the chosen profession. Security of profession is reflection market trend, this trend may change in coming future.
In everybody’s life, there may come be a day, when they have to make choice. This may be a call for comprising over passion and using common sense and grab the opportunity of the equal lucrative profession.
This article deals with complex feeling one may encounter during such circumstances.

It is not all who dream of the profession but end up getting it. Many have chosen a different course and ended up in a happy life, but we will never know, what would be their future and may be … Read the rest

Cold Sores

cold sores are highly infective ulcers which are caused by herpes simplex virus. These ulcers can recur under compromised immune state. health professionals should be careful in dealing with active cases as they are the source of spread of infection. But these ulcers are preventable and can be symptomatically managed.

Cold sores also are known as “fever blisters” caused by herpes simplex virus. Among the types of herpes virus HSV 1 is known to cause cold sores but, in some instances, HSV 2 can also cause cold sores. The most … Read the rest

CET and NEET: Twins, Triplets and Number of Papers.

NEET and CET exams were held this year in the month of May. I noticed few issues in connection to these. I thought of sharing with you all.
The issues I will be discussing in this article is regarding exam centre allotment, the number of papers and issue related to dress code.

May is the month of entrances for 12th class students, on 2nd and 3rd May 2017 they had CET exams in Karnataka, on 8th May 2017 NEET exams were held all over INDIA.

CET is for engineering, AYUSH and other … Read the rest

Drunk and Drive, Hospital Responsibility, Sonika Chauhan and Vikram Chatterjee

Drunk and drive is one of the causes of road traffic accidents. Individuals who suffer trauma are a young generation who are in productive age. Consequences would be permanent disability or death. After midnight we commonly see youngster racing their vehicles endangering not only self but also others who are on road. Drinking alcohol above permissible levels reduces judgement and also can lead to rash driving. In spite of the strict rules, we have seen how a top Bollywood star got acquitted from supreme court recently. Law seems to be different for different people. Big and powerful can get away but a common man may become the scapegoat.
Hospitals have some responsibility in treating a patient who comes with trauma. Most hospitals do welcome that.
This article is about, how news media is wrongly trying to frame hospital in the Sonika and Vikram case. This they do, just for proving their point and get more TRP without any evidence.

A couple of days ago I was watching a debate on Times now, it was about Sonika Chauhan a model turned actor’s death in car accident. This happened when Vikram Chatterjee also an actor was driving the car around 3.30am. … Read the rest

Tips for denture care

Namely artificial dentures can be divided into fixed and removable. These dentures need proper care, to maximise their durability and to avoid trauma. In this article, I am discussing essential tips for removable denture care. However fixed denture does not require any extra care, like natural teeth.
As the name suggest fixed denture can not removed, but removable dentures can be removed especially during the night.

Removable dentures are usually made up of plastic based material. Such dentures can be either partial or complete removable type. These are highly sensitive to extreme variations in temperature i.e., heat or cold. Exposure to hot or cold temperatures could … Read the rest

Is Medical profession a religion for doctors?

Most doctors love and respect their profession. Once a person becomes a doctor even if he or she was unwilling, still continues to practice medicine. Example are rare to find doctor changing the profession.
I believe things are changing now. In coming future, we may see a lot of change in the practice of medicine. Small clinics and nursing homes are finding difficult with changing times. The Bigger multi-crore corporate hospital is an order of the day. This will lead to loss of sovereignty to doctors.

Most doctors aspire that their kids should also become doctors like them. We see many families with full of doctors, running across many generations. This extends even further i.e. their son or daughter should get married to a doctor only. … Read the rest

The Paradox : Poor Men Heart Stents Gets Costlier!!! by new rule : Open letter to PM

Background: – Coronary stents price was reduced last month. This has led to changes in the market. Stents which were available at the lesser price used for poor patients have become expensive and off course expensive stents have become cheaper.
This is the letter I have sent to Prime minister of India. Waiting for their response.

Mr Narendra Modiji
Honourable Prime minister of INDIA

Respected Sir.

I am a cardiologist in Hubli (Karnataka). I want to thank you for reducing the price of coronary stents. but I want to bring to your kind notice the … Read the rest

Consequences of cardiac stent price reductions- patient perspective

As a cardiologist, I am very happy that stent prices have been reduced.
With price reduction, I should be able to treat more patients. But, in reality, this is becoming counter-productive.
For the poor patients, stents will become more expensive and for affording patients newer stents will not be available in Indian market. Only the party which will get benefit by this new rule are medical insurance companies.
On the surface, this article appears insane please read this article completely to know ground reality.

In recent times, cardiology is in news for coronary stents price. We are seeing numerous articles in the newspaper and social media. Even we are seeing posters on roads stating 85% reduction in stent prices by our political party leaders. … Read the rest