Misconception about generic medicines

The issue of generic medicines has again surfaced nowadays. Most patients believe that doctors are writing drugs which are not generic but the fact is otherwise. Most of the medicines available in India are actually generic. Original research molecules form very small percentage in India.

I do agree that medicines should be given at cheaper rate. Our government should make every effort to reduce the cost of medicines. But, this has to done by Government of India not by putting blame on doctors.

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How to prevent law suits against doctors when doctor is at fault.

Today I was reading an article from heart-wire “Patients Who Won’t Sue Their Doctors — Even When They Could” I found it interesting; I thought I should share my views on this. All of us know, we humans can make

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Left Bundle branch block LBBB simplified with video tutorial

This is article with a Video tutorial, where you will learn basic of left bundle branch. In this video tutorial you will learn how to identify LBBB; how to differentiate from RBBB, mechanism of LBBB ECG changes in most simplified

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Construction of hospital in residential area

These days for doctors it has become problem for building a hospital, people around the site give complaint to municipality or corporation when you start constructing your hospital. 

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Dangers of Passive or second hand smoking

Passive or second hand smoking is significant problem for causing lung cancer and also heart attack. Passive smoking means inhaling air contaminated by smokers exhale and also burning of cigarettes. Nearly 6 million people die each year by smoking and … Read the rest

Hello parent! Do not blame your doctor or pediatrician for missing your baby’s cardiac lesion.

Three days back.  5 months old baby was referred to me for echocardiography because; the referring doctor detected a murmur now. Father of baby was angry   because he was not aware of such murmur before i.e. soon after birth … Read the rest

Betel nut or Areca nut Chewing increase heart attack risk

Betel nut  Areca and Paan Chewing is very common habit in our country more often it is considered benign by the general public, even medical professional do not emphasis on bad effect of betel nut chewing to patients

Recent study

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