Enigma Behind MBBS and BDS Hefty Fees in Private Colleges

In India education has become commercialised. There are good students who take seats in medical college only on merit. This article is not meant for them. This article speaks about very high fees structure in private colleges. There appears to be lot confusion about this high fees. although these colleges quote very high fees, in reality, it appears different.

After great fight from multiple court cases at last national level pre medical NEET exam is made compulsory for gaining admission into medical and dental colleges. Post NEET the fee structure of all private and medical colleges apparently appears transparent. At the same time, it is shadowing the doubt over are demand over MBBS and BDS courses which are quoting high fees to the tune of 40 lakhs per anum.

After the first round, nearly 90% of medical and nearly 100% of dental seats are vacant with high fees.

This appears bit unusual when compared previous years rumours or news, that is MBBS seats said to cost nearly one to two crore or more in few reputed medical colleges. This year happenings definitely make many to think, is it really true or only few scape goats ended up paying such heavy amount last year, while rest bought these seats at a much lesser price?

Some of my friends said that they got MBBS and BDS seats at much lesser price i.e. one-third of the quoted price. Some even said that some of the MBBS and BDS seats went vacant last year because there were no buyers.

The second round of deemed university and non-deemed private colleges by stats are or will be over in few days. After this, one will come to know. how many of the students who got allotted seats in these private colleges actual paid these hefty fees and took admission. After this, there is mop up round finishing by 26 Aug 2107. If still, seats don’t get fill they will be returned back colleges. They will have to fill them in stipulated time ie. I believe it is three to four days.

It is really astonishing to know kind of strategy these private medical colleges have planned. I think they knew pretty well for the officially quoted fees by them there will be no takers but still, they quoted so much. Do they want seats should get returned back to them so that they can sell them at their will, is a serious doubt?  or they are taking chance this year as it is the first time such open bidding government has started.

Some tell there will be crash in price of these private seats at the last moments, it better wait.

NEET exam is much fairer as compared entrance exams conducted by some of the private colleges. This is giving the option to students to take a drop for one more year, read and reappear for NEET exams. This could be one more important reason for the decrease in demand for seats with hefty fees.


Author: Dr Umesh Bilagi

MBBS, MD, DM (cardiology). I am Interventional cardiologist. Blogging is my passion. Associate professor of cardiology KIMS Hubli. Director and consultant at Tatwadarsha Hospital Hubli. Owner of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Hubli. Mobile +91 9343403620.

3 thoughts on “Enigma Behind MBBS and BDS Hefty Fees in Private Colleges”

  1. Nice information Sir… If fee is less good and genuine drs will come out to society. Not the drs who cover up the fees given to the authority… Good to implement the NEET system in India

  2. Manipal college of medicine conducted seperate entrance tests and charge 55lacs (full course ) for even merit students !! Can these students who did not get thru NEET , be called “merit”students?

    1. Now only NEET is conducted no other exams by any private institute is allowed by the supreme court.
      You are correct for such high fee merit is less.

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