Tips for denture care

Namely artificial dentures can be divided into fixed and removable. These dentures need proper care, to maximise their durability and to avoid trauma. In this article, I am discussing essential tips for removable denture care. However fixed denture does not require any extra care, like natural teeth.
As the name suggest fixed denture can not removed, but removable dentures can be removed especially during the night.

Removable dentures are usually made up of plastic based material. Such dentures can be either partial or complete removable type. These are highly sensitive to extreme variations in temperature i.e., heat or cold. Exposure to hot or cold temperatures could result in its distortion. Such distorted dentures are unsuitable for oral use. Beyond this dentures are fragile and they should be handled with extra care. Any fall from hand could lead to denture breakage.

Unclean dentures can harbour certain infectious agents like Candida which may result in oral thrush, halitosis etc. It is never advised to use a broken denture as this broken area can act as tissue irritant thus causing discomfort, ulcers or some time they can induce oral cancer.

Beyond this it is mandatory to follow certain tips for maintaining healthy dentures:

  1. Always remove the denture before sleep.

  2. Hold the denture gently and rinse it under fresh water.

  3. Clean all the surfaces of denture with a suitable soft bristled brush.

  4. Soak the denture over night in either fresh water or denture cleansing agent.

  5. Never use ill fitting or broken dentures.

  6. Regularly visit your dentist for denture monitoring.

Author: Dr Ramya Bilagi

BDS, MDS (community dentistry). My passion for blogging is due to my husband. Assistant Professor SDM dental college Dharwad, Administrator Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Hubli.

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