Medical Profession Is My Arranged Marriage But Love….

Choosing a profession for life happens at very young age (i.e around 18 years). but has to be done with careful intent. Every profession has its pros and cons. When it comes picking medical profession one has to know it requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. In this article, I am addressing about passion and fantasies, how they may affect your profession focusing on the medical profession.

Choose profession carefully

It is commonly said for successful and happy married life, love is necessary. One starts loving their spouse after marriage in case of arranged marriage but in the case of love marriage, it starts before marriage. Most importantly consistency, commitment and compassion are needed both cases.

Consistency commitment and compassion are needed even in the case of a profession and also in other walks of life. Sometimes in life, it so happens that we may lose track due to our fantasies and passion and boring monotonicity.

I suggest not to change. stick to your commitment

Of course, there are few who have broken the norms by changing their profession and also have become successful in life. for example Chetan Bhagat being IITian, has turned to become a writer. On the contrary, there are many who have spoiled their careers, their names we will never know.

Choose profession carefully
Choose profession carefully


When taking risks in life, one has to remember those who lost, their names and count is never known.

Please note I have no intentions to give up medical practice and profession and I will never. I know how much I owe to our society for becoming a doctor. I have acquired skill and knowledge from my patients and teachers. I need to give it back in the form treating patients. This I will continue to do as long as I am alive.

These thoughts in me are because my kids are at the stage to decide about their future. In connection with kids issue check my previous article Should Doctor Kids also become Doctor? When I was at their age I underwent similar kind turmoil. but after choosing the medical profession I am sticking to my commitment A couple of years ago I had written an article in my blog If I was not a doctor . I fell in love with medical profession after I joined medical college just like an issue with arranged marriage so goes my article title.

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My take on “to become a successful doctor”.

In medical profession to learn to heal, one needs experience. This experience increases with hard work and dedication. so I put it. it is hard work and hard work and hard work that is needed to become a successful doctor. Of course, chances of putting hard work increases with passion. Intelligence or high IQ is the third factor to become a successful doctor.

Hard word, dedication and of course passion is needed to become successful doctor
Medical learning is a prolonged process as compared other fields. If one choose to become a doctor he has to be prepared for prolonged struggle at least (Graduation followed by specialisation then followed by super specialisation )13 to 15 years.

Boring Monotonous lifestyle

Many times I think why people get bored of monotonous lifestyle, or why people expect change? I think the answer seems to be in the evolution process (this is just my postulation)

The Struggle for existence in the same environment would give chance, only a few to succeed, on contrary change of environment would allow more to succeed. so the “behavioural change” (simulates boring monotonous lifestyle) as the character would become advantageous and must have got incorporated in the evolution process. This changing behaviour as

Author: Dr Umesh Bilagi

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