Why I am Still happy to be Doctor

The medical profession was considered noble, but in recent times things have changed. More and more doctors express, that they are not satisfied with the type of medical practice they do.
This article is meant for increasing the morale of medical professionals.

Unlike in the last century, in the twenty-first century, we are being exposed to a burst of  information. In the last century portal of information  were very much limited and they were regulated, but now it is not the case. This loss of regulation has both pros and cons.

Medical profession deals with human life, and human behaviour does have a big impact on the profession. Exposure to unregulated information sometimes genuine and sometimes not genuine, makes patients behave differently.

To get a basic  medical degree, followed some kind of specialisation and further to do super specialisation it really needs big toiling. After completion of  education, it is very much difficult now to start a medical practice.

We see a lot of reports of brutality inside the hospital, malpractice and penalty  on doctors.

No Doctor has made billions, he can not consign his commitment to anyone. in a case of emergency, it is he only can accomplish the task. he can not think of transmitting it to others. even if he goes on holiday, still his has stay mindful to his patients.

All the above odds in medical profession makes many doctors think I would have been better if had opted some other profession.

But, what is it that keep  us moving?

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It is great pleasure to be honoured by your patient
It is great pleasure to be honoured by your own patient

“Human life is very precious, when at danger it has be in safe hands.”

To be a doctor, it needs hard work and dedication. Medical field apart from being science it is art also. To do a procedure on the living patient it needs skill. Unlike in movies, we can not have take and retakes. Doctor’s one small error can endanger patients life. To produce consistently reliable results doctors has to be accurate and also precise.

If medical field start losing its glamour, best minds may start turning away from this field in coming future.

My take on why should we love to be  love to be doctor

Today I was talking with my fellow GI surgeon Dr Aravind, in front of the hospital. Suddenly a stranger to me and also Dr Aravind appeared he greeted Dr Aravind, with great admiration. Dr Arvind was overwhelmed by his greets. but he did not know what made that man greet so dearly.

Stranger said sir, you have saved my life, I am very fortunate for that. This made Dr Aravind extremely pleased.

All is not so bad. still, have people who respect doctors. This kind of instance is not uncommon in doctor life.

A couple day ago I treated Tibetian Guru for heart block I had implanted Dual chamber pacemaker. 7 days later he came back with his followers honoured me  in Tibetan style. This is a great feeling of accomplishment for being a doctor. Now, I can say I love to be a doctor.

Author: Dr Umesh Bilagi

MBBS, MD, DM (cardiology). I am Interventional cardiologist. Blogging is my passion. Associate professor of cardiology KIMS Hubli. Director and consultant at Tatwadarsha Hospital Hubli. Owner of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Hubli. Mobile +91 9343403620.

2 thoughts on “Why I am Still happy to be Doctor”

  1. Im a medical student. When i read about instances where doctors are honoured for their work, it makes me respect the work of doctors even more and also makes me feel proud for choosing a profession of such nobility! Thanks for sharing such instances! It encourages us, medical students.

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