5 reasons doctors should write a blog

Online presence for doctors through blogging or having an own website is a need for promotion of profession. This article will explain the five reasons “why doctors or hospitals should have a personal blog or website?”.

Doctor and Blogging
1. Social media  versus Blog and website

Online presence for a doctor  is a need these days, not  just a passion. From the perspective of improving the profession, none can neglect this. Most of the doctors have registered in listing sites or have facebook, twitter and LinkedIn accounts. These social media have created new modes of communication with the general public and also to fellow colleagues.

Can doctors rely on listing sites for promotion of their profession? I say no.   For this, I need to quote an experience of one  doctor.  This  I learnt from forwarded WhatsApp  message. His story goes like this, he is a qualified endocrinologist, he listed himself in one of listing sites as a specialist in endocrinology. After six months, he received a message from the listing site, to pay fees for the continuation of listing. He denied and  asked removal of his name from listing.  To this, instead of removal from the site, he was listed as a general practitioner. In spite  of repeated communications and objection, his name continued to stay as a general practitioner.

We all know the story of Orkut, once it was popular, now instead we have facebook, tomorrow it may be WhatsApp. So, it is sensible to have one’s own website or blog.

Social media is to be used in conjunction with website or blog.

For doctors, social media alone appears insufficient. Doctors who need to showcase their professional capability a step further from social media is needed. They are needed to have a personal or multi-author blog  or hospital website. These can be customised as per need.

Doctor and Blogging
Doctor and Blogging
2. Insurance policy

More and more people are buying the insurance policy to get treatment for diseases.  In days to come,  even in second-tier cities, we will see  more patients will come with insurance card for getting treatment.

Unlike a patient who comes to the hospital without an insurance card, a patient with insurance card will usually google about the disease and hospital before choosing hospital or doctor. So those who have a good internet presence in the form of website or blog have an advantage over those who don’t have.

Staying only inside facebook or twitter or any social media may not be a great idea in terms of google search results.

3. To build trust , branding and  to increase accessibility

The important need in the medical profession is building trust with clients. In these modern days, the internet has changed rules of building trust.

Our neighbours and relative access us with help the internet more easily than physically. This has happened whether we like it or not. This means that we got to have a trustable online profile.

Blog or website can be used for building trust and branding and also increase accessibility. A facility like an online appointment through blog or website for  consultation will help to increase clients.

Recently google has released an update Possium.  This new update of google has a big impact on SEO. Your site may not  be well ranked globally, but still,  it may show up in first and top of search results for people searching in your locality. This is big boom of locality wise businesses promotion, to know more click here.

Site owners have to optimize their site to gain benifit of this new google Possium update.

 4. Health education

Educating the masses about illness and available treatment is an important duty of every doctor. By educating masses, doctors can payback to their society and patients, who shaped his or her skill and knowledge.

Health education by a doctor  through blog or website more often improves knowledge of his own  potential clients, because they are the readers or subscribers more commonly via social media.

Treating an educated patient who knows about illness and complications is very easy, especially during an emergency.

5. For earning from blog or website

Blog or website can be a source of income.  For beginners and most the common way of earning money from  blog or website is by displaying ads. Adsense from google is biggest and best  player in this regard. there are others too. like Chitika, buy and sell ads etc.

Apart from displaying ads, we have much more ways, affiliative links, selling online products like your books and software etc.

If you are running a personal blog, it is ok  to display ads but for hospital website running other’s ads is not sensible.

Author: Dr Umesh Bilagi

MBBS, MD, DM (cardiology). I am Interventional cardiologist. Blogging is my passion. Associate professor of cardiology KIMS Hubli. Director and consultant at Tatwadarsha Hospital Hubli. Owner of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Hubli. Mobile +91 9343403620.

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