Inspired by Gandhi Glasses, TRICO 2016

TRICO 2016, the twelfth trans-radial conference held in Ahmadabad on 15 th and 16 th, October 2016. This article is about our experience outside the conference.

Ahmedabad places visited during TRICO 2016

On the banks of Sabarmati river such an incredible place, once Mahatma an icon of India and father of nation lived, to be here it is a great experience and a privilege, yes I am drafting about Mahatma’s “Sabarmati Ashram” in Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat.

I come from south India, Karnataka i.e Hubli. We have an airport in Hubli but don’t have a direct flight to Ahmadabad. To reach Ahmedabad, we drew by car to Goa airport, it would take normally 4 to 5 hours.

Two days before TRICO 2016 conference i.e on 13 October 2016. I along with my family i.e. My wife Dr Ramya, elder son Pradyumna, elder daughter Prajnya (Pradyumna and Prajnya are twins studying 12th standard ) and younger daughter Nischita 2nd standard left Hubli at 7.00 PM.

On the route to Goa at 8.30 PM, we had dinner in a Dhaba. It was a splendid encounter. Honestly, after a very long time I was tasting Dhaba cooking, kids really relished it and my wife was delighted.

After collation, we commenced moving towards Goa airport, but it was 9.30PM. By the time we begin ascending western Ghats, it was 10.30PM. The fog made driving very hard. We descended the mountains at 11.45PM. I was very much uptight because I needed to be at the airport maximum 12.15 AM.

Suddenly, I received a phone call from my colleague Dr Vijay. He had reached Goa airport and was also travelling to Ahmedabad for the conference along with his family. He said the flight is delayed by 1 hour. Listening to this was a great relief for me.

We reached Goa airport at 12.45AM. The delayed flight was indeed blessing for us. I with my family and Dr Vijay and his family all kept waiting for flight which was scheduled at 2.20AM. My younger daughter Nischita and Dr Vijay elder daughter Varsha are classmates, so they were very happy to travel together.

We arrived at Holiday Inn hotel in Ahmadabad at 4.30 AM. All of us were exhausted so went to slumber. We woke up at 9.00AM and had our complimentary breakfast and again went to rest for next 2 hour, woke up at 11.30AM and moved to Sabarmati ashram.

Ahmedabad places visited during TRICO 2016
Ahmedabad places visited during TRICO 2016

As I mentioned earlier Mahatma’s Sabaramathi Ashram is an incredible place. It has a very simple layout yet very magnificent outlook. Unlike most ashrams in India, Gandhiji sprang this with a revelation to have both self-earning capability and spirituality. This open baron land on banks of Sabaramathi river selected by Gandhiji to start animal husbandry, weaving and other small scale industries.

In the year 1917, Gandhi moved to this ashram. He lived here along with his wife Kasturaba till 1930. From this ashram, Gandhi did his experiments with truth. Hrudya Kunja a part of ashrma was home for Gandhi and his wife. Here he use to meet British Government officials. We can see a replica of Gandhiji’s spectacles and other utensils. Gandhi spectacle has become a symbol of peace, non-violence and recently Swachh Bharat mission. This article was inspired by his spectacle. To know more about Sabaramathi ashram click here.

After viewing ashram we went a Hotel. we had Kathiawadi style lunch. It was a splendid experience. Then we proceeded to Vaishno Devi Temple. Inside the temple, we are required to go through the small hollows to see Goddess. It is a nice place. Kids enjoyed, as it is needed almost crawling. I propose, in case if you visit Ahmadabad do not fail to visit Vaishno Devi temple. After seeing Goddess we had tea and kids ate ice creams.

We travelled to Adalaj Vav which is a step well with fine architecture, worth visiting. This was constructed in 1499 AD by Queen Rudabai. located north of Ahmedabad. by then it was evening 6 PM so we moved to Holiday inn Hotel.

My younger daughter developed the fever that night. Next day on 15-October 2016 I and Dr Vijay attended the conference, we came to Hotel. our families had stayed in the hotel. Evening my daughter’s fever had lessened, so we moved out, did shopping had dinner and returned to Hotel.

Next day on 16-Oct-2016, I and DR Vijay attended Conference again. Our families went to Kankaria lake they enjoyed there. My wife told me it was a nice place. I and Dr Vijay reached Hotel at 6.30 PM. we checked out from hotel at 8.00PM, had dinner then went to airport 10.00PM.

We reached Goa airport at 1.00AM. In Goa, we went to Colva beach. On 17 October 2016, we drive by car  and reached Hubli at 9.00PM.

Author: Dr Umesh Bilagi

MBBS, MD, DM (cardiology). I am Interventional cardiologist. Blogging is my passion. Associate professor of cardiology KIMS Hubli. Director and consultant at Tatwadarsha Hospital Hubli. Owner of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Hubli. Mobile +91 9343403620.

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