Important Things To Observe In Mahatma Gandhi’s Vision On Health.

In this modern day on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi  birthday i.e October 2nd, we will have a relook at Mahatma’s thoughts about health. They do differ from modern day medicine but still then there are some messages hidden in his views.

His teaching is considered important in mental health more so in cognitive behavioural therapy. Being patient in most provoking situations, whether it be the huge number of people he met daily or the alien government he had to deal with; in him, we can see many facets of anger management techniques.
Mahatma Gandhi was a great thinker. Throughout his life, he continued to have a quest to learn. Apart from his experiments with the truth, he experimented even in another area of life and health was one such. To give an example how he experimented, he was vegetarian to avoid the animal and its products altogether , once he even  rejected milk and it’s products, for 6 six years, but later he changed  and accepted  milk and product after doctor advice. 
He did not accept modern medicine. His thought about health meant body is at ease, A healthy man is a person whose body is free from disease and can carry on his normal activities without fatigue, any unpleasant reaction to food, drink or bad habits is body’s alarms, suppressing them with medicine is not correct. There is a message in these statements. He strongly recommended a healthy lifestyle, he opposed alcohol and did  support vegetarian food, eggs he kept them in the second line.
His everyday food comprised of one litre of goat’s milk, 150 gm cereals, 75 gm leafy vegetables, 125 gm other vegetables, 25 gm salad, 40 gm ghee or butter, and 40-50 gm jaggery or sugar.

Health that is real Wealth and not pieces of gold and silver
He  was known for cleanliness, he insisted people should apart from cleaning self should focus on cleaness of society around. He emphasied on clean drinking water, which is responsibilty of muncipality.
His did talk on Bramcharya for healthy life, how ever with respect modern medicine this has no direct link, but one can relate it positively in the  prevention of sexually trasmitted diseses.
Modern day problem of obesity is releted to over eating. Mahathma  saying goes long way in prevention of obesity and releted diseases. He said, “Food should be taken as a matter of duty even as a medicine to sustain the body, never for the satisfaction of palate”.
He preached non voilance, His belif was eating non vegetarian food is linked to voilance so he insisted on vegetarian food. 
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Author: Dr Umesh Bilagi

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  1. Mahatma was great visionary but he had some concepts which appear different from modern science. Keeping Indain situation then he had devised approach.

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