If I was not a doctor

 As a child, I was not inclined to become a doctor.  I was a child from a small village. Although I grew with my aunt who is a doctor, I was not so fascinated to become a doctor. Probably like most kids I wanted to fly. I might be 3 to 4 years old, first time as I remember seeing a flying machine very closely i.e. helicopter of our the late prime minister Mrs Indira Gandhi, she had come to our place for election canvas. I liked that machine very much so I wanted to stay with that machine for a longer time,  of course, I was not allowed .  I think I aimed to become a pilot then. (I did not even know what a profession means, leave aside what a pilot). This ambition or crave for playing with flying machine persisted with me, I think up to 6th to 8th the standard.
When I was 4th standard, my youngest uncle joined engineering course, so I got attracted towards engineering course too, but my attraction to flying machine dominated inside me.  Schooling in small towns and village then was not very good like today, but my aunt wanted that I should study in good school, so she put me in Sainik School Bijapur at  6
Schooling in small towns and village then was not very good like today, but my aunt wanted that I should study in good school, so she put me in Sainik School Bijapur at  6th standard, which is actually defence school. I was very homesick child, I really did not want to leave my aunt and go to that residential school, Only reason I accepted to stay in residential school was because, if I joined defense I can play with flying machines, but I was not aware then for joining air force you need to have very good eyesight , I had hypermetropia, as I understand I was only fit to become officer in army but not in air force.
In our Sainik School then they use to show a documentary of Indian achievements  (television was not there then).  I still remember a documentary of our late Mrs Indira Gandhi taking to Indian cosmonaut Mr Rakesh Sharma of Indian air force. This increased my interest to join Indian Air force but my eyesight hypermetropia foiled my ambition.
By the time I reached the 9th standard, I started understanding I cannot become an officer in the airforce, but can only become an officer in army and army was not my passion. In 8th and 9thstandard physics subject caught my interest, especially that law of conservation of energy and inertia  magnetism etc, I developed an interest in Darwin theory but other parts of biology which needed a lot to memorise I really hated it. Even inorganic chemistry I did not like much. I have my own concept to argue against Darwin theory of vestigial organ which you can be read from it from this Intelligent Design & Vestigial Organs, in fact, this my own concept against vestigial organs is the reason for starting this blog in 2007. My love and interest in physics still run in me I keep seeing a youtube video of Leonard Susskind they are nice I strongly recommend them.
Although I was not good at painting or drawing, I had and have some kind of liking towards art. When I was 8th and 9thstandard, I wanted to write grade exams of art, but my art teacher was not keen on letting me write that art exam. I requested him a couple of times but, he told me, look Umesh by writing this exam it won’t help you anyway, you should focus on your curricular subjects more, not on this. He use to only allow those students to write grade exams, if they did well in all curricular subjects or if students were good in art, in my case I had poor marks in Hindi, so he insisted , I should read more. I went and met my organic chemistry teacher asked him to talk to the art teacher, after his request I was allowed appear for art grade exams. I still admire my art teacher for guiding me properly. This painting and drawing interest still flow in me in the form of 3D animation.  I watch video tutorials of blenderguru.comI think they are very good, in case you are interested you may see them.
It is a hard truth of our society, a profession is chosen not by pure passion, but by economic security. We and our parents and also guardians advise choosing a profession, where there is no unemployment.  So medical profession ranks the best in this regard, it is not that I hated to become a doctor, I agreed with myself then, by becoming doctor life would be better. Now I am very happy to be in this profession.
After completing 12th standard I had to three choices, engineering, medical and Bachelor of Science. It was 1987, in India computer science was just making its appearance, the scope  of computer science was not very oblivious then  and graduates of other engineering subjects were finding difficulty  in getting employment, so my aunt told me to take the medical course.  Although I loved physics, job insecurity was priority, so I made my choice of medical profession.

Author: Dr Umesh Bilagi

MBBS, MD, DM (cardiology). I am Interventional cardiologist. Blogging is my passion. Associate professor of cardiology KIMS Hubli. Director and consultant at Tatwadarsha Hospital Hubli. Owner of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Hubli. Mobile +91 9343403620.

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