Buying health.

He was about 5 feet 10 inch 65 years and obese, he walked into my clinic along with his wife,  he had thick gray colored upturned mustache. His eye brows were equally thick and gray; he wore a Gandhi topi (hat). His Khadhi shirt nicely ironed stood erect from his shoulder up to wrist, but for few wrinkles at elbow and axila; his dhoti was so white that it could be commercial add for detergent soap. His wife was wearing dark colored  square like deign glittering ilkal saree, it covered head and also both  shoulders, her heavy weight gold ornaments were sign of their richness, of them large nose jewelry was really dragging attention. Her red kunkum was covering at least 30% area on fore head. He was a rich former from nearby village

His wife gave me his case paper file.  I took his file and glanced at registration number, from that I could make out that, it is a new case. I usually reconfirm from computer database, because my receptionist sometimes gives new registration number to old patient, most patients do not bring their previous records and do not bother inform about their previous consultation with me. This error leads to disconnection of previous illness details from present consultation.

He said commandingly; get me checked in detail once more. For a while I was disturbed, soon I recovered and ignored rough tone of my patient. His “once more“ phrase really confused me, because this is new case as per registration number, so quickly I rechecked my database once again, reconfirmed that he is new patient to me. I asked him why once more detail checkup. He replied last month I went to Bangalore along with our state cabinet minister, there my son took me to hospital in Bangalore, they did detail medical checkup. Most important point, stressed was “state cabinet minister”, but I focused to my concern i.e. his medical problem.

He was not willing to show his previous reports, but I insisted I should see them. I asked his complaints he said his BP is not controlled and blood sugar is more all less is sky high. From his reports, I could see a prescription for treating hypertension and also diabetes.  I enquired do you take these medications regularly, he said I am regular, but when I looked at his wife and she denied. Further I asked question on daily exercise, he looked at me and with big rough smile. Form his facial expression it was obvious that, asking such things is childish.

His wife suddenly intervened, grasping tense scene and she said, her husband suddenly gets more BP. According her more BP means more anger. I understood her warning and stopped asking further questions. I examined his BP, it was high, and ordered investigation and relaxed for while.

Now the point is, can we buy health? Health is no commodity that one can buy, infect good health has to be earned. Good health cannot be just achieved buy taking expensive medication. Life style modification form very important part getting good health.  Our daily activities do form important component for good health, what we eat how much exercise we do, all have impact on our health.

At least 30 min of brisk walk is needed, and one has to take limited amount calories to reduce weight, weight reduction is by eating less all chlorogenic food, only food like vegetable having very less calorie are freely permitted, rest all have limitation , popular brand advertisement like energy drink etc are not recommend for reduction of weight. Avoid salt, sugar captaining food and reduce or avoid non vegetarian food

Author: Dr Umesh Bilagi

MBBS, MD, DM (cardiology). I am Interventional cardiologist. Blogging is my passion. Associate professor of cardiology KIMS Hubli. Director and consultant at Tatwadarsha Hospital Hubli. Owner of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Hubli. Mobile +91 9343403620.

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