Benefit of walking every day

Walking every day offers surprising benefits on health apart from cardiovascular and diabetes point of view. It is observed that daily walkers have less t of anxiety and stress. They can deal the every day stress more efficiently. Walking gives mood burst and improves self esteem. This phenomena of better mood is observed immediately after going for walk.

Daily walkers also have less sleep disorders. They tend consume less amount of sleeping pills. Daily walkers soon after walking have less craving for food, so they tend eat less of calorie, which can be beneficial for reducing weight.

Daily walking increase HDL cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, and also helps to control blood sugar.
Daily 30 minutes of walking is advised. If one cannot do 30 min walk, then he or she can start walk with 20 mintes or less than slowly increase to 30 minutes of walk which the set goal.

The only need for walking every day is commitment to do. It does not need any expensive material. One can improve the his walking routine, if there is company which does not miss the schedule, like a pet (dog) which always listen to you, but human may not listen. It is found from a study, people who have pets have better health.

Author: Dr Umesh Bilagi

MBBS, MD, DM (cardiology). I am Interventional cardiologist. Blogging is my passion. Associate professor of cardiology KIMS Hubli. Director and consultant at Tatwadarsha Hospital Hubli. Owner of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Hubli. Mobile +91 9343403620.

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