“Heart and Teeth” a new informative blog platform providing the scientific information, popular thoughts and author’s opinions on the topics related to heart and teeth. The information provided here is meant for general public and professionals. In our blog, we have graded our information at basic and advanced levels aiming to reach the varying audience.

We had essential and loads of topic on cardiology under Blogger platform with domain name“learnonly.com” and titled “LearnOnly Heart”. Similarly, vital and fundamental matters on teeth were provided under the domain name learnpdc.blogspot.com titled “Preventive Dental Care”. But now we have migrated and merged our both individual blogs to self-hosted WordPress as a single entity. This was done as because WordPress is more user-friendly with advanced operating options. This is a multi-authored blogging site. This site is authored by Dr Umesh R Bilagi and Dr Ramya U Bilagi.

Dr Umesh R Bilagi MBBS, MD, DM (Cardiology), Associate professor at KIMS, Hubli; Director and consultant cardiologist at Tatwadarsha Hospital, Hubli; and is the owner of Jeevan Jyothi Hospital, Hubli. Apart from his busy professional schedule, he has a passion for writing the blogs to dissipate his professional knowledge and thoughts to the blog users. He started to blog 8 years ago since then he became an optimistic person for others also to start up blog writing. His focus is on the current and trending issues related to heart health and on basic to advance cardiology. In this blog, he has provided good information on “ECG” which helps the beginners and general practitioners to understand it.  He has also developed and included free software on “Clinic Record” which the blog users can access and download it.

Dr Ramya U Bilagi, BDS, MDS (Community dentistry), Assistant professor at SDM dental college, Dharwad, recently developed the interest to write blogs on preventive and general dental matters.

As noteworthy saying that, “a good health is a key for productive life”. This hails it’s essentiality when one views that all the systems of the human body should be in harmonious relationship with each other.  This holds true for heart and teeth too like “a healthy smile worth a happy heart” which depicts the saying fact that, “a person who smiles externally with his teeth and internally through his heart is the healthiest person ever”. Hence, we the authors of “Heart and Teeth” wish our readers to have healthy heart and teeth and they are also free to post their comments or opinions on the topics on this site.

Hope this site is beneficial to you all and wish you happy reading and sharing.